About Videoboyy

My name is Ogbogu Onyeka Precious aka Videoboyy, popularly known as ‘Poopoomia’. I was born in Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria on the 9th of July 1986. I am from  Isele uku, Delta state, Nigeria. I am from a polygamous family and the ninth child of twelve children.
After the death of my dad in 1995, I moved to Lagos  where I finished my primary and secondary education. The challeges of  Living in Lagos at a young age as an independent child with little or no financial support from anyone helped me discover my skill and talent in entertainment and film making. Upon  graduation from secondary school, I decided to further my studies, to develop  an already identified skill and talent in acting and film making. In 2006, I enroled at PEFTI (PENCILS FILM AND TELEVISION INSTITUTE), a film production school in Lagos  where I got a diploma  in cinematography, editing and photography and I started acting and  making films professionally afterwards.  I went back to school in 2009 through 2015 for a BSc in computer science at the Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria.
In 2014, I established and registered a company ‘907 Concepts’, an outfit  which specializes in making films, managing talents and creating contents. 907 Concepts studios has produced world class music videos, documentaries and films since its birth till date.
Playing roles and characters in films made me realize how funny I am and how I could bring smiles to the faces of people around me , and I started creating comedy
skits and sharing  content online. I wanted to be unique and different that’s why I created the character poopoomia around musical comedy so people can laugh and sing along at the same time.
 in 2018, I recorded a ditty, purely for entertainment value,  a cover for ‘ED SHEERAN’S Thinking out loud’ and it was titled ‘POOPOOMIA’ because I sang about my poop. Many individuals, blogs and tv stations shared and broadcast the ditty and video, it gradually became a social poop anthem , with fans and followers requesting to see and hear more of that kind.
The feedback birthed the sensational musical comedian ‘POOPOOMIA’. Over 10 volumes have been recorded and released since then, the brand has grown locally and internationally with a large fanbase from different parts of the world. So far, I have performed and successfully entertained people on small and big stages in various parts of the world. Thankfully, the demand to see more of me is on a remarkable rise daily. I have won awards for the art, and gotten ambassadorial deals from a good number of esteemed and prominent brands.
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